Anna’s Story

86 year old male / 85 year old female

Survivor Universal Life



$ 544,000

Anna's client took out a life insurance policy to plan for estate taxes over ten years ago. The family's business took a turn for the worse and they had not paid a premium since 2010. The policy was on the verge of lapsing with no surrender value. Six months prior to the policy lapsing, Anna asked the family if they wanted to explore a life settlement to potentially get something versus nothing. Anna called EnTrust Settlements to evaluate the policy. EnTrust identified the policy to be marketable and ended up receiving multiple offers, with the final high being a net offer of $544,000. Anna's client's beneficiaries were extremely happy to have been made aware of the life settlement option prior to letting the policy lapse.


Trust Officer's awareness of the Life Settlement Option gets client $350,000 above surrender value

Bill, a trust officer, identified a policy to be significantly underfunded and the grantor had not paid a premium since 2005. The projected annual premium to mature the policy was $84,020 and with no further fun......

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A life settlement is a valuable financial option for policy owners who no longer want, need, or can afford their life insurance policy. Instead of lapsing or surrendering a policy back to the insurance company, qualified policies can be sold in the secondary market for a price great than the cash surrender value but less than the death benefit.

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