EnTrust Settlements is a dedicated life settlement broker based in Omaha, NE. We help individuals, trustees, and financial advisors sell unaffordable or unwanted life insurance policies for a lump sum payment of cash. Our selling process solicits offers from multiple licensed buyers ensuring every policy sold receives the highest offer available.

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Not all life insurance policies qualify for a life settlement. EnTrust Settlements can determine if your policy is marketable with a Preliminary Life Settlement Evaluation. Contact us today and find out if your policy qualifies at no cost.

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The Life Settlement Process

The life settlement process can take up to four months from the time the completed application is received to receipt of payment. EnTrust Settlements keeps you updated throughout the entire process.

how Bill's knowledge of a life settlement got his client $350,000 above the policy's surrender value


What Factors Determine a Life Settlement Value?

The Insured’s Age and Health Status The most important driver of value in a life settlement transaction is the life expectancy of the insured. Age, smoking status, sex and many other factors related to the ......

Life Settlements Within the Fiduciary World

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Update for TOLI Trustees: Tax Bill Passed by Congress Boosts Life Settlements

Taxation on life settlements has always been a grey area for fiduciaries who decide to sell their client’s life insurance policy for a lump sum payment versus merely letting the policy lapse or be surrendered f......

Re-examining Your Client’s Trust-Owned Life Insurance Policy

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Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on the latest developments in a wave of sudden insurance premium hikes on life insurance policies that have been in force for decades. As documented by the Journal......

Before Your Client Lapses That Life Insurance Policy, Consider the Alternatives

More than 100 years ago, in its landmark Grigsby v. Russell decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that life insurance is personal property and can be bought and sold like any other property you own. That means y......